Lean-Agile Straight Talk: The Doctor Is In! With Dr. Tom Grant

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July 21, 2016 — Posted by Andrea Bain

Listen to the podcastThe Doctor Is In! With Dr. Tom Grant

The Doctor Is In! is a weekly webinar and podcast that offers listeners the chance to meet and ask questions of Net Objectives consultants and thought-leaders on a variety of topics.

In this show, Dr. Tom Grant and Jim Trott discuss the implications of Lean and Agile software development on middle management. Here are some of the issues they cover: 

  • What changes are required of middle management
  • New skills they must acquire and what they need to let go
  • When middle management should be trained in Lean-Agile so that they can be better enablers of Lean-Agile for their teams?
  • Transitioning away from being directive managers
  • Implications for managing performance on self-organizing Agile teams
  • Getting into the team's life "just enough" in order to be helpful
  • Retrospections and power dynamics
  • The proper use of metrics
  • The dynamics involved in coaching middle management for the transition to Lean-Agile
  • The use of "Serious Games" for developing a Lean-Agile culture
  • The influence of the various Agile frameworks on management and the transition to Lean-Agile

​Dr. Tom Grant is an analyst covering software development and delivery. His specific focus areas include Agile, Lean, application lifecycle management (ALM), requirements, serious games, and the innovation process. He has also taught political science at UC Irvine and Chapman College.

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Music used in this podcast:

  • “And So It Begins” and “Easy Lemon” by Kevin MacLeod © Incompetech Inc.

For more information, contact info@netobjectives.com or visit us at www.netobjectives.com

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