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                                                                                          September 24, Lean-Agile Newsletter


Hi Subscriber:

I wrote two blogs that may look different, but they have the same underlying theme - there are rules underlying software development and we must attend to them.  The first, Why You Should Be Concerned When a Consultant Says "That's Orthogonal" discusses why not attending to issues does not mean you won't be effected by them.  In Re-Defining the Possible, Scott Bain declares the possibility of writing high-quality code in less time than writing bad code.  We've actually been teaching how to do this for over a decade in our design patterns and emergent design classes.  It's time it was generally acknowledged as being true.  Scott will discuss this in detail in Seattle November 14, with his seminar Re-Defining the Possible - How Better Design Can Be Done Faster than Hacking

And don’t forget the free seminar I’ll be delivering next Tuesday, Understanding the Scaled Agile Framework. This seminar talks about what is needed for Agile at Scale and how SAFe creates a framework for you to implement it. Whether you are interested in SAFe or not, learning what these essential elements of scaled Agile are is critical for large organizations.

We have quite a few upcoming webinars and another local seminar next Monday:

As always, please contact me directly if you feel we can be of any assistance, whether it be about technical or process issues.  Note, this newsletter was customized for those in the state of Washington, so we can highlight local events.  If you are not in Washington, please tell us where you are so we can send you the right newsletter.

Al Shalloway
CEO, Net Objectives

Past Seminars / Webinar Notes & Recordings

There are several recent recordings available:

Look for SOON to see those taking place before the next newsletter (so register now while you are thinking about it!).

Our Courses Location Date
Lean-Agile Project Management Certification by Net Objectives SOON Seattle, WA Sep 24-26
With the Scaled Agile Academy SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) Certification SOON Seattle, WA Sep 24-27
Design Patterns for Agile Developers Seattle, WA Oct 29-31
Don't see one in your area? Let us know so we can see about scheduling one nearby!
Webinars, Seminars, Other Events    
Conference STARWEST 2013 SOON Anaheim, CA Sep 29-Oct 4
Seminar Understanding the Scaled Agile Framework SOON Seattle, WA Sep 30
Webinar Design Patterns in the Agile World SOON Internet Oct 1
Webinar Enhancing and Extending Scrum With Lean Internet Nov 13
Seminar Re-Defining the Possible Bellevue, WA Nov 14
Webinar Patterns of Scaling Agile Across Teams Internet Dec 9
Webinar Series Business & Agile Internet Began April 17
Webinar Series Technical Agility Internet Began July 18