The Kanban Clinic

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The Kanban Clinic

The Kanban Clinic is a place to learn how to get started with Kanban and to learn more about it. The benefits of Kanban over other agile methods such as Scrum include:

  • The ability to do agile when teams are difficult to form due to certain people being in very high demand.
  • The ability to control your rate of transition.
  • If your teams are overwhelmed with work, the ability to determine what the root cause of the overwork is.
  • Getting more insights into the principles of software development.
  • Much faster learning than typically achieved with other methods.

Getting started

See Demystifying Kanban: Understanding Its Many Faces for a full introduction to Kanban (or read Demystifying Kanban for a comparable overview).  If you are new to agile as well, you might prefer to watch An Introduction to Kanban as an Overview of Agile.

Or watch a couple of excerpts:

Acceptance Test-Driven Development. ATDD is one of the best returns on investments we know.The benefits are:

  • significantly less rework of code
  • higher code quality (many fewer bugs - we've had clients reduce bugs by 92% just doing this)
  • greater productivity as a result of the higher teamwork and greater quality
  • faster regression testing

It accomplishes this by:

  • having better conversations with customers/BAs, developers and testers about what is needed
  • generating better documentation of the requirements (test specifications add essential clarity)
  • providing a platform for automating acceptance tests

More information on ATDD:

Load Balancing Strategies for Kanban Teams




Where to Learn More

See our After Lean-Agile Team Training Support Page if you've just taken one of our Lean-Agile courses.

Please contact us if you have any questions or want some help.