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This page is a collection of our resources on the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). Net Objectives is a Silver level partner and has two SAFe Program Consultants on staff.

Why Net Objectives Supports SAFe

I recently wrote a blog Why Net Objectives Supports the Scaled Agile Framework. I describe why SAFe is useful but I also discuss some of the mis-representations about SAFe I am seeing from other Agile and Kanban Method thought leaders.  If you hear something that you are not clear about, please let me know.

Why Net Objectives Should Be Your SAFe Provider

Net Objectives brings several skills that can help you adopt SAFe.  Read about them here.

I recently wrote a blog Why Net Objecti

Upcoming Events

Public Course September 24-27, Seattle.  SAFe Program Consultant Certification This course is closed out but we will be scheduling another one next year.  Please contact us if you are interested in attending.


Recording of Understanding the Scaled Agile Framework is now available at the Business and Agile Webinar Series page.

Seminar presented at SPC Training, Boulder, February 2013 SAFe Kanban: Using Kanban in the Scaled Agile Framework

Webinar Recording, May 7, 2012: Filling in the Scaled Agile Framework

Creating Teams in Scrum and Kanban.  SAFe is based on Scrum teams working with a context.  However, it is often difficult to create true, cross-functional Scrum teams with all of the roles needed.  This blog discusses how to create essentially the equivalent to cross-functional teams when it at first appears to not be possible.

Why You Need a Hybrid System. SAFe requires that team work together within a context.  However, not all teams should work in the same way.  This blog is about teams using hybrid methods but it provides insights on how teams can be tailored to work in the way they need to while working within the context SAFe creates.

Webinar recording of An Executive Overview of Lean-Agile.  While not specifically about SAFe, this webinar discusses why scaled Agile is important to the executive suite. And, of course, we have on-site management training we can provide in this area.

Other Pages of Interest

Net Objectives and the Scaled Agile Framework

Net Objectives and the Scaled Agile Academy. This is our page for collaborating with other SPCs.